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Saturday, December 27, 2014

The New Few Months...

As everyone returns to school in one short week, I will actually be leaving 2 days after my arrival to EMU. I get the opportunity to study abroad with a group of 20 EMU students at the border between the United States and Mexico, Guatemala, and Cuba.

We will begin by traveling to the border and delving deep into immigration troubles that are currently plaguing our nation. After several weeks, we will fly to Guatemala. We will be in Guatemala City for 2 months where we will stay with host families, study Spanish, and learn about their rich culture. We then have a week of "free travel" where we can spend time wherever we want (within reason) in Central America. Finally, we will wrap up our time in Cuba for several weeks and return to EMU in late April. You can check here for sporadic updates and pictures of our travels and experiences.

[I won't be sending out emails so this will be the place for you to find out how what I'm up to. At the top of my blog, there is a place for you to add your email address if you'd prefer to be notified that way instead.]

 I look forward to sharing this experience with you!