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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Snapshots from Mexico

While these pictures perhaps aren't the most picturesque places of our trip, they show the dreariness, desperation, and bleakness of the immigration issue that is plaguing countries around the world.

Looking out at the pueblo of Nogales, Mexico from an organization called HEPAC. 

Looking out at Nogales, Mexico from the trash dump at the top of the mountain.

Houses people create from the rubble others throw away in the dump. Families live here and earn more money on average than the typical maquilla worker.

Memorial for Jose Antonio who was killed on the Mexican side of the border by border patrol agents on the side of the United States. 

Beautiful street art next to the memorial. 

The wall from the Mexican side at Nogales, Mexico. 

More street art at the wall in Nogales, Mexico. 

Candles painted on the wall. 

Art near the wall. 

We spoke to this woman at a shelter on the Mexican side of the border our first day. Then, we picked up the paper the next day in the United States and saw that she had been interviewed by the press regarding her situation. 

Sonoran desert beauty. 

More desert beauty. 

While the desert is beautiful, it is unforgiving and is deadly for many migrants.


Hiked to the top!

Attempting to hold the sunset in my hand. 

Walking thru paths migrants take to get across the border.

Empty water bottles that migrants had left on the trails. 

The wall from the Mexican side. 

Bible study at the wall.

With the help of members of C.R.R.E.D.A. we refilled these water containers for migrants who might be passing through.

Chiricahua National Park in Arizona, famous for balancing rock formations.

Small park near a Quaker settlement, about an hour away from Tucson, where cranes gather by the hundreds for the night. The night air was filled with their calls to one another at sunset.

Community garden project in Agua Prieta, Mexico.

More community gardens. 

Mountain climbing with the best!